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Food is a Masterpiece; With the stroke of a pastry brush, the molding of dough, the turn of a cheese, or stir of a pot, every artist's hand reflects their humanity


Explore: Inquire into, evaluate possibilities, examine by touch

Seminars and short courses developed to expose students to a variety of artisan food crafts, through lectures and hands on experiences and have fun doing it.

Focus: An act of concentrating interest

Day long or weekend courses guided by artisan producers providing students an outlet for deeper discovery into the food crafts of their choice.

Master: become proficient, grasp, understand, a worker qualified to teach apprentices and to carry on a trade

Intensive field study programs for students wishing to acquire specific knowledge and skill in a particular artisan food craft. The course is designed for the student by our Artisan Food School's director and mentors to suit the student's personal objectives.

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